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Lion Premium Grills – The Ultimate in Gas BBQ Grills


Welcome to Best of Backyard! We hope you enjoy your stay. Our favorite feature is spotlighting customer reviews and testimonials of a variety of Lion Premium Grills products, but we especially love to focus on their luxurious, high end stainless steel built in gas BBQ grills. Both the L75000 (75,000 BTUs across 4 burners) and the L90000 (90,000 BTUs across 5 burners) are impeccably constructed from high grade stainless steel, output an enormous amount of heat and are just amazing grills across the board.  These are some of the very best stainless steel grills on the market and the price point of these Lion Premium Grills products just pushes them to the top. Today we are showcasing the Lion 32″ L75000 gas BBQ grill with the accompanying Lion Premium Grills grill cart for versatility and portability.

The Best Grill We Have Ever Had the Pleasure to Own

The Lion 32 inch grill is, without a doubt, the best grill we have ever had the privilege to own or cook on. It is easy to see the attention to detail and the quality components used to make this grill. We added the optional ceramic flame tamers and this grill is an absolute delight to cook on.

Wayne J.
Upper Midwest
32″ L75000 Grill & Grill Cart