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Lion Premium Grills BBQ Island Review!

Hello and welcome to the Best of Backyard blog! Today we have a great customer review of the Lion Premium Grills 32″ Gas BBQ Grill and outdoor kitchen / BBQ island. The Lion 32″ L75000 gas grill is made of high grade rust resistant stainless steel, packs 75,000 total BTUs of grilling heat, and is available for an unbeatable price. The luxury Premium Q BBQ island comes packed with stainless steel double access doors, a bar faucet and sink, a single sideburner and an eco-friendly fridge. Check it out below!



Great Stuff

“I revamped my backyard and I figured it was a perfect time to finally add the grilling set up I always wanted with the outdoor kitchen and everything. Now that I have it I have to say it is pretty amazing! Super happy to see how well made these Lion products are.  The island is perfect and I had it made with the used brick base. It comes with a bunch of accessories like a sideburner and a refrigerator. The gas grill is really well made as well and it cooks perfectly. Customer service from Best of Backyard was on point and catered to whatever questions I had. So happy with the experience and the finished product. Thanks!”

-Simon Callahan, California, Lion Premium Grills L75000 BBQ grill