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Customer Review of the Lion Premium Grills 40″ Gas Grill



Welcome to Best of Backyard! Today we’re going to feature a review of the Lion Premium Grills L90000 gas BBQ grill. We always enjoy showcasing Lion Premium Grills reviews as we find them to be a valuable resource in letting us know if our service and products are meeting our high standards. This  in-depth review makes an excellent read for anyone interested in Lion Premium Grills and their grill products. Enjoy the review below!


Couldn’t Have Asked For a Better Grill or Customer Service

“What can I say, I was able to pick up an absolutely great bbq gill while also receiving great customer service. Ordering was a breeze with Best of Backyard and the grill arrived very quickly. I had a few questions about how the grill was being shipped and a concern about some grill accessories and  I always received a fast response. The grill like I said earlier is great and cooking on it is a real pleasure. It has a real weight to it and you can tell it is very well made. I never thought I would take a gas grill over a charcoal grill but using this bbq is so easy and it grills just as well without the hassle and clean up of my old bbq.”

-Rick K., El Dorado Hills, CA – Lion Premium Grills 40″ Gas BBQ Grill (Natural Gas or Propane)