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Lion Premium Grills – “The Best Gas Grill I’ve Ever Owned”

Greetings from Best of Backyard! Customer testimonials are a great way to gauge the overall opinion of a particular product, and gas BBQ grills are no exception. As such, Lion Premium Grills manages to live up to its reputation as one of the best grill and outdoor accessory manufacturers around. Today we have a really fantastic review on the Lion Premium Grills 32″ L75000 gas BBQ grill. The Lion L75000 is a tremendous gas grill, sporting 75,000 total BTUs and a host a useful features. Without further delay, you can check out the review below. Thank you!


“I’m not going to beat around the bush, the Lion gas bbq I purchased has turned out to be the best gas grill I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a handful of grills in the past. What I like is that its VERY STURDY. I mean this thing is heavy duty which surprised me. Very high grade stainless steel construction. It also grills evenly, gets very hot and more. Basically all the stuff you want out of a bbq grill. My biggest gripe with some of my old grills was that they very prone to getting rusty as I live near the beach. The Lion grill though hasn’t given me that problem and seems like it is able to withstand the salty air. Pretty amazing considering the price on this thing as well. You can’t go wrong with this grill.”

-James, San Clemente, California – Lion Premium Grills 32″ L75000 Gas BBQ Grill