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Lion Premium Grills – The Price is Right” Spotlights a freestanding 32″ L75000 grill


Greetings once more from Best of Backyard and LionBBQDirect! We’re buzzing with excitement today as we share a highlight from CBS’s iconic game show, “The Price is Right,” where the stellar Freestanding 32″ Lion Grill took center stage. This remarkable appearance of Lion Premium Grills items was part of an enticing Showcase Showdown prize package, captivating viewers and showcasing the allure of outdoor grilling luxury.

The episode serves not only as a thrilling moment of television history but also as a testament to the quality and appeal of Lion Premium Grills products. For fans of the show and outdoor cooking enthusiasts alike, this feature underscores the prestige of owning a Lion Premium Grill — a badge of honor for any backyard chef.

We invite you to relive this memorable “The Price is Right” moment and see the Lion L75000 BBQ grill in action by checking out the clip below. Moreover, dive deeper into the world of premium outdoor grilling by exploring our product pages, where you’ll find detailed information on the very items that sparkled in the Showcase Showdown.

This exciting game show feature is more than just entertainment; it’s an inspiration to elevate your outdoor cooking setup with the unmatched quality of Lion Premium Grills. Whether you’re a seasoned grill master or just beginning your culinary journey, the Lion L75000 BBQ grill on Cart is designed to transform your backyard into a gourmet paradise.

Thank you for joining us in celebrating this fantastic television moment. Discover the excellence of Lion Premium Grills by visiting Best of Backyard and LionBBQDirect today, where luxury grilling dreams become reality.