Roaring Success: Lion Grill Showcases in Custom Designed Outdoor Kitchen Islands

Discover the Roaring Fun of the Lion Straight Outdoor Kitchen Island! Made By Best of Backyard

The Hub of Contemporary Outdoor Gastronomy

Imagine a culinary stage set against the backdrop of your home, where the BBQ Island is not just adjacent to the house wall but ingeniously designed to nestle beneath a window, blending seamlessly into the architecture. This concept elevates the outdoor kitchen experience, marrying functionality with the aesthetics of your home’s exterior. The island’s design is a testament to clever craftsmanship, ensuring that not a single inch of space is wasted, even when a window might seem an obstacle.

This setup allows natural light to spill over your cooking area, enriching the ambiance with a warm glow that only the sun can provide. Picture yourself flipping burgers or searing steaks while still being part of the indoor conversations, the window serving as a portal that bridges indoor comfort with the joys of outdoor dining. It’s a harmonious blend of indoor convenience and outdoor adventure, turning your backyard into a versatile space where culinary dreams take flight against the scenic view of your home’s exterior.

The BBQ Island becomes more than just a cooking area; it’s a centerpiece that respects and enhances the existing structures of your home, making every cookout an event that integrates the beauty of your home with the natural charm of the outdoors. This design not only optimizes your outdoor space but also elevates it, creating a unique dining experience where the boundaries between inside and out are deliciously blurred. Welcome to the future of outdoor entertaining, where your kitchen window opens up to a world of grilling perfection, right in the comfort of your own backyard.

Unveiling the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Oasis

Every facet of this outdoor kitchen epitomizes contemporary sophistication, mirroring an unwavering commitment to both form and function. It’s evident in the sleek, clean lines that define its structure, a testament to minimalist beauty that doesn’t just catch the eye but captivates the soul. The selection of premium materials is deliberate, ensuring that this culinary haven isn’t just about looks—it’s built to withstand the test of time, blending durability with a style that’s timeless.

Central to its design is the use of 24×12 porcelain tiles, a choice that’s as practical as it is aesthetically pleasing. Porcelain is celebrated for its exceptional qualities outdoors; it’s incredibly resistant to frost, thermal shock, and harsh weather conditions, making it an ideal candidate for the ever-changing outdoor environment. Not only does it maintain its color and texture under the relentless sun, but its low porosity also makes it impervious to stains, ensuring that spills and splatters from your culinary creations are easily wiped away. The large format of the tiles contributes to a sense of expansive luxury, minimizing grout lines for a smooth, uninterrupted surface that’s both elegant and easy to maintain.

Complementing the modernity of the porcelain is a natural stucco finish, chosen for its timeless appeal and its ability to resist the aging effects of the elements. This finish imbues the outdoor kitchen with a texture that feels both organic and refined, echoing the hues of nature while providing a durable surface that stands up beautifully to the rigors of outdoor entertaining. The stucco’s natural look harmonizes with the surrounding landscape, creating a cohesive outdoor living space that feels like an extension of the home’s interior design.

This BBQ Island isn’t merely a space for preparing meals; it’s a statement of refined taste and an ode to the pleasures of outdoor living. It’s where functionality meets luxury, where every detail from the choice of materials to the craftsmanship involved in construction reflects a deep understanding of what it means to entertain in the open air. The porcelain tiles and natural stucco finish are more than just design choices; they are commitments to quality, ensuring that this outdoor kitchen remains a place of joy, elegance, and hospitality for years to come. Here, amidst the beauty of the outdoors, is a space that invites you to celebrate the art of al fresco dining in a setting that’s nothing short of breathtaking.

The Culinary Ensemble

The 32″ Lion Premium Grill

At the forefront is the Lion 32″ Grill, a powerhouse of performance encased in a lustrous stainless steel finish that gleams under the sun. This grill isn’t just about bringing the heat; it’s about delivering a consistent cooking experience that turns every meal into a masterpiece. Whether it’s a weekday dinner or a grand weekend feast, this grill stands ready to impress.

Lion L75000 32-Inch Stainless Steel Grill Built-In

Original price was: $2,499.00.Current price is: $1,799.00.

The Lion Fridge: Cool Sophistication

Next to the grill, the Lion Fridge offers a contemporary twist to the outdoor kitchen. Its robust build and efficient cooling make it an indispensable ally. Here, your drinks stay chilled, and your ingredients remain fresh, just steps away from where the magic happens..

The Blaze 32″ Double Door: Spacious Elegance

Storage is a breeze with the Blaze 32″ Double Door. This feature provides an expanse of space to stow away your culinary tools and accessories. With a seamless design that complements the grill and fridge, it’s not just about utility but also about maintaining the sleek appearance of your outdoor kitchen.

The Blaze 16″ Double Drawer: Organized Convenience

Completeness comes with the Blaze 16″ Double Drawer. It’s the perfect place for your grilling spices, utensils, and other necessities. The drawers open smoothly, offering organized storage that keeps your essentials at your fingertips, ensuring that your focus remains on the grill.

An Invitation to Make Every Meal Memorable

The beauty of this BBQ Island lies not just in its individual features but in how they come together to create a space of freedom and flexibility. With a generous countertop set atop a sturdy and stylish base, you have all the room you need to prep, plate, and entertain.

The countertop’s polished finish contrasts beautifully with the textured facade of the island, creating an interplay of light and shadow that’s as visually striking as it is practical. It’s a canvas waiting for you to craft your next delicious creation, surrounded by the tools that make cooking a joy rather than a chore.

This BBQ Island doesn’t just change how you cook; it transforms how you live. It’s an invitation to step outside the confines of your kitchen walls and breathe life into every meal under the open sky. Whether you’re flipping burgers or crafting the perfect cocktail, this outdoor kitchen becomes the heart of your home’s exterior—a place where every meal is an event, and every gathering is an unforgettable celebration.

Embrace the art of outdoor cooking and let this BBQ Island be the cornerstone of your backyard retreat. Here, every flame-kissed dish is a delicacy, and every moment is infused with the spirit of open-air dining. Welcome to the new era of backyard entertaining.