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Lion 32″ L75000 BBQ Grill Review — Another Satisfied Customer!

Hello from Best of Backyard! Lion Premium Grills prioritizes producing the highest quality BBQ grills, accessories, and islands at the most affordable price possible. We place the utmost importance on providing the customer with the best customer service experience possible. With that said, it makes us very happy to receive positive feedback from satisfied customers because it lets us know that our methods are working and that we’re meeting our service and quality goals. If you’re in the market for a grill you can not go wrong with Lion Premium Grills.

Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously so thank you to everyone who has given us feedback or just purchased any of our goods. Thank you so much from Best of Backyard!

“I bought this from an authorized dealer in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and could not be happier! The empty space where there used to be a built in grill by another manufacturer had to be adjusted a bit to fit this grill, but it was well worth it. The heavy gauge metal is awesome and it seems to be extremely well made. The fact that it has a lifetime warranty and came with a griddle insert, a smoker box, a nice vinyl grill cover, as well as the rotisserie setup just made it that much better. I’ve had this for two weeks now and will update if anything changes. Until then, I would definitely recommend this grill to a friend. So easy to use and very sturdy.”


32″ L75000 BBQ Grill